Kia Levey-Burden, MSW

Photo of Kia Levey-Burden


I believe in imagination and possibility. These are words not often used in leadership, coaching, organizational development, and culture change, but I believe them to be foundational.

I started Launch Consulting inspired by my faith with the hope to inspire other leaders to discover every possibility for their leadership, support and to strengthen new learning and provide partnership in the activation of creative and courageous leadership practice.

I believe that if we passionately pursue purpose we can live into powerful leadership.

Kia Levey-Burden, MSW, is the president and founder of Launch Consulting, LLC. She is a passionate leader and dedicated advocate. A native of New Haven, CT Kia is deeply committed to igniting passions and unleashing the power in people and community especially right where she lives. Before creating Launch Consulting, Kia worked for in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector for 16 years. In that career, Kia’s primarily focused on supporting and strengthening organization capacity  and community leaders through coaching, training and stake collaborative development. Other work included grant writing and management, strategic planning and project development.  

As a mother of an 15 year-old son and 26 year old adult daughter, Kia has a unique interest inequities and disparities experiences by children of color who face inadequate access to resources and face barriers created by institutional bias and racism. To that end Kia’s other areas of interest and work includes coordinating community stakeholders focused on building restorative justice practices in the deep end of the juvenile justice system,  supporting local charter schools efforts to develop strategies for more inclusive and diverse practices in their school communities and supporting parent advocacy and community organizing work focused on greater equity in all educational spaces.  A Social Worker by training, Kia enjoys teaching, inspiring and equipping the future generation Social Workers as a part of leadership development work.

Kia is also  lover  of music and sings as ofter as she can, especially to her husband David.